Thursday, October 25, 2007

1122. Lufkin "Atlas" Oil Gauging Steel Tape with an outage plumb, when this type of plumb is assembled to the tape line the zero point is at the intersection of the swivel snap and the plumb bob. When using outage gauging tapes the tape is lowered into the tank until the plumb bob just penetrates the liquid. The tape is then rewound and the liquid level is read right off the plumb bob. The reading on the plumb bob is added to the tape reading giving the total outage (how much liquid has been removed from the tank).

When innage plumbs are assembled to the swivel snap the zero point is at the bottom of the plumb bob. When being used, the plumb bob and tape are lowered until the bob contacts the bottom of the tank. When the tape is reeled in, the liquid line is read on the tape line itself, thereby showing you the contents of the tank.

Recommended safety precaution when using this tape:
1. Never gauge a tank during an electrical storm.
2. Ground yourself and your tools by touching the tank ladder before climbing the ladder. Do not wear gloves when grounding yourself. Gloves prevent proper grounding.
3. Ground yourself before opening the gauging hatch by touching the handrail or platform (without gloves on). During and after removal of the gauging cover, stand so that the gas will not be inhaled.Wear a gas mask if toxic gases are present.
4. Always maintain contact between the gauging tape and the edge of the hatch from the moment the gauge bob enters the hatch until the gauge bob is removed from the hatch.

1123. I contacted a number of organizations with the initials A.A.I. and none of them recognized the container as theirs, but I'm not finished researching it yet. If I had to guess I'd say it's for a surveyor's tripod, and maybe also a theodolite.

1124. Solder iron blowtorch by the Peterson Plumber Manufacturing Company, Maywood, Illinois.

1125. Marrow spoon, used at a meal for extracting marrow from a bone, these were also used by chemists and pharmacists, and by fishermen for spooning a fish.

1126. Match safe, made to be self closing so that the box cannot be accidentally left open, patent number 45,554.

1127. Military demolition charge computing tape, the scales are used to measure the thickness of the type of fortification you wish to breach, and they read in pounds of TNT needed. They also give factors depending on the placement of the charge, i.e., centered on the wall, at the base, etc.

This side reads: "Rods Bars Chain Cable", "Walsco 380 U.S.", "Do not use for rectangles if ratio exceeds 2 to 1" and "Calibrated for TNT".

Larger image

"Demolition charge computing tape"

1128. This kit was used by U.S. Internal Revenue agents to determine the alcohol content of distilled liquor, which would be poured into the container and tested with the hydrometers.

From Gil Gandenberger's collection

Text on the hydrometers reads: "Per Cent of Proof Spirits at 60 degrees F."

Close-up image
More guesses on this one at Neatorama

The label says: "U.S. Internal Revenue Standard Hydrometer", a full photo of one can be seen here.

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